What is happening on the grounds of the former Tegel Airport?

When does construction work begin?

When will the construction work be completed?

Will the airport buildings disappear?

How will the tower and terminals continue to be used?

Who can acquire pieces of property on the site? And at what kind of prices?

When can something be rented? And for how much?

Will the bus connection to the airport continue to exist?

What adverse effects are expected?

How much longer will the Federal Armed Forces ("Bundeswehr") be on the grounds?

What does the project development cost and who pays for it all?

How can I participate with my company in the implementation?

In the future, when so many people are out and about in the residential district and in the Urban Tech Republic, won't the streets, the public transport system and their surroundings then be congested?

Won't rents go up in the neighborhood in the future? Isn't there a fear of gentrification?

Are the grounds accessible to the public?

What new leisure facilities will there be?